About Us

Deidre Madrigal and her parents opened The Dance Spot in 1980 on the corner of Brea Blvd. and Rolling Hills Dr. in Fullerton, CA.  Then, it was a one room dance school catering to just a few dozen students.  Within just a few years, the school was moved to a different location with three dance studios.  By 2005, The Dance Spot had grown so large that the school was on the move again to their current location on Imperial Highway.  The Dance Spot is a Fullerton staple and remains a top school for dance education.

The Dance Spot has trained dancers who go into various artistic forms in their professional careers.  Dance Spot dancers have gone on to join both collegiate and professional dance and cheer teams including the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, and Boston Celtics.  Dance Spot dancers have also been featured on various television shows both on English and Spanish language channels including "So You Think You Can Dance."  The Dance Spot is proud of its dancers who have also gone on to perform on stage and screen, and even some former dancers who have opened their own dance schools.